Geronimo Stilton

Beau May 22 2017
Becoming a genius
Elated all the time
Awesome most of the time
Unicorns rock all the time

May 23 2017


Orange smells like a monster.
Orange tastes like orange juice.
Orange looks like a Leave.
Orange makes me awesome.

Friend May 23 2017

Quiet cool
Smileing eating Humming
Cute quirky sad alone

Beavers May 23 2017

Beavers bite bouncy balls
Before the basment gets dark it

May 23 2017
apple bees

Andy ames arrows at apple bees he hates apples thats why he breaks apple bees resturants.
He Shoots arrows Rapidly at
Applebees. He will never go there again.Clang Clang Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 24 2017
Macy is a cheetah

Macy is a Cheetah She runs lighting
fast never late for
school rush!!

She runs as fast as fast as 123 miles per hour
never late . Steam comes out her
of her ears she is so fast!.

May 24 2017
Sickster eats Snakes skelltons and snail.
Sickster lives in super smelly snakes.
Sickster likes snails skellton and scrapes
Sickster tried to scrape snakesscaly skin
Sickster tackled superman and stole his best.

May 25 2017

Ice cream

Ice cream
yummy cold
freezing Melting cooling