From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess

Slimy, sticky
Slipping, Sticking , Slurping
Satisfying lovable cool stuff

May 22 Potsy
Fluffy, Lovng
Jumping, Sleeping, Playing
Cute, Lovely, Adorable Things

May 22 Love
Love something from inside
love is something you can't hide
love is the color of red and pink
love is something you can't write in ink
love is something that makes you happy
love is something that makes you clappy

May 22 The Sun
The sun is as bright as a butterfly
Without the sun we'd all freeze
Without the sun there'd be no bees

The sun is one giant star
The sun is so far
Oh, I love it so much
I love you a bunch
The sun is as bright as a butterfly

May 16 Marshmellow
Marshmellow marshmelllow,
You're full of love
I think you are amazing
Color of a dove

You are best dipped in chocalote
I love you so much
Add some sprinkles
Give it a crunch

You make me feel happy
You taste like a cloud
You make me feel silly
Like a funny clown

I love you so much
And i can't get enough
And even though i love you
I gotta say goodbye to this stuff
May 23 Cats
I love cats so much
Oh, they make me happy
Oh, they make me clappy
Carly can carry cool cats everywhere
Meow, mrow says the cat
But thats only part of why I love them so much
Thats why I love the meowing creatures so

May 23 Catian
This is a catian
A catian lives in cool confident considerete clams
A catian eats celabrations, Cats, and cantalope
A catian likes calm castles, clean clothes, and correction
A catian crys in crowds
A catian is curious and cute

May 23 Stany
Lovely, Warm
Biting, Playing, Sleeping
I love him so

May 23 Blue
Blue is the color of peace
Blue is a cloudless sky or a robins egg
Blue smells like blueberries
Blue tastes like spring water
Blue sounds like rock and roll
Blue looks like puddles of water
Blue makes me have fun
Blue is a color that will bring you happieness

May 23 Friend
Smart, funny
Reading, helping, loving
Full of smart things

May 25 School
I smell pencil shavings in the air
I hear students talking and whispers
I see the whiteboard with math and S.W.B.A.T.
I feel the carpet on my knees
School makes me happy
School makes me smile