Turkey's Name: Jimmy

Nickname: Jim

Age: 4

Hometown: forest drive

Favorite Movie: godzilla

Favorite Sports: none

Favorite Book: none

Favorite Colors: red

Height:1 inch

Weight :1 l.b.

Eye Color: blue

Feather Colors: brown

Personality: friendly

Best Character Trait: smart

Hobbies: electronics

Most Embarrassing Moment: when in bathroom with door open

Best Memory: none

Awards Won: 0

Plans for the Future: watching t.v.
Add your nightly journal entries below.
Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph!
Have fun!

Example Journal Entry

Date 11-10-16
Thursday 11-10-16
Today I went to school with cooper and he put me in a dark jail. Most of the day I
was ON the jail though. I also fell in a box of books. Or is it called a book box? At one
point I fell between the middle of four desks. I think I broke a leg. Oh, I don't have
legs. Do I even have arms? HELP!!! Thanks-giving is coming!I am going to be
cooked, seasoned,and EATEN!!!!! At the end of school,cooper carried me out of
the building. That was the good part of the day.
Friday 11-11-16
ttToday I went to school with cooper and he put me in his desk! It was super dark and
scary, I looked for food during snack and lunch, but all I found was paper!! I also looked
for some-thing to draw on during recess but all I found was little scraps of paper!
Hope tomorrow is better! signed, turkey.
Thursday 11-17-16
Today after school ,me, cooper , and xavier tried 3 different lunch places but they
didn't have electricity. We finally went to Red Robin's After that, we did a few errands
and went to cooper's mom's office. Then we went to xavier's house. All we did was play
on his trampoline.Then, we went home and cooper worked on ms.manning's wiki.
Today was very, very fun! ,signed turkey
Friday 11-17-16
today was horrible!! Cooper kept me in his bag for the whole day!! 1 more day in THAT
bag and I BLOW UP!!!!!! I got so hot! I'll also starve! Hope Cooper feeds me when he
gets home.hope tomorrow is better! -- signed: Turkey